About Domain Names

Find out what a domain name is, why you need one and what to do to secure yours!

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique alpha-numeric name used to identify a particular computer (i.e. web server or mail server) on the Internet.

Domain names allow Internet users to type in a name, such as cocacola.com, to identify a numeric address such as The purpose of domain names is to allow ordinary users connected to the Internet to find web sites and send email to addresses with familiar names such as "cocacola.com" without having to memorize the numerical addresses that actually locate the computers or servers on the Internet.

Why do I need a domain name?

Your Domain Name is your own unique identity: no two parties can ever hold the same Domain Name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is unique. It can be your online business card and provides email and website addresses that you own. Your Domain Name should closely relate to your brand or identity (For instance, your brand name or company name: ´company´.com, or ´company´.co.nz). Many people and businesses also register more generic domain names that relate to their industry or what they do. For example, a web site hosting company may wish to register hosting.com or webhosting.com and so forth.

How do I Change the Ownership (WHOIS data) for my domain name?

To perform a WHOIS Change of Registrant, please fill out this form and either Fax (07) 856 7182 or Email it back to us.

Why would I want a Domain Name if I don´t have a website?

You can register a Domain Name and simply ´park´ it in our name servers for future use.  This will ensure the domain name is secured for you and cannot be registered by a third party in the interim. There are also mean other free features when you purchase a Domain Name with NetValue.

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