About NetValue

Although 2004 may have been the year NetValue was registered, the company’s history extends back many years before that and although based in Hamilton our client base is nationwide..

Experience is a key driver to what we do at NetValue, the company’s directors all working in the business have themselves been successful entrepreneurs and business people – and they bring that experience to the projects we develop and deliver.

NetValue is comprised of five business units:

  • Software Development
    • Custom enterprise level software development
    • Systems integrations
    • Mobile Apps
    • DevOps
  • Cloud Hosting
    • High availability VPS solutions
    • Shared hosting solutions
    • Email services
    • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Website Development
    • E-Commerce websites
    • Silverstripe website development
    • Magento website development
    • Custom website development
    • Mobile Apps
  • Consulting
    • Project management
    • Due diligence
    • Business growth and strategy
    • DevOps
  • Cloud Based Business Solutions
    • CRM systems
    • Online health and safety inductions software
    • Business management systems

The collaborative approach we take toward service delivery ensures all business units are able to work together and share resources and knowledge.

The company has strong expertise in Java, Microsoft .NET and PHP development and has extensive experience integrating and deploying open source technologies, with a successful track record in the execution and delivery of medium to large enterprise software projects.

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