Software Sales Professional


If your idea of the perfect job is a great salary, long lunch breaks, starting late and finishing early then you should probably stop reading right now.


So you’re still here – good, I’ll tell you why.


We’re a company that values its people, respects its clients, and believes in dreaming big. Our work culture is relaxed, but at the same time deadline driven, our client expectations are always high, and we strive to not just meet them, but to exceed them.


Still interested?


Well, we’re a Hamilton based software house that is led by our very enthusiastic, and entrepreneurial CEO Graham Gaylard. Uber cool offices are home to around 40 staff who make up the NetValue family without whom we’d simply be a name. We celebrate culture, achievement, diversity, and technology, we’re a collection of introverts, extraverts, innovators, collaborators, and pioneers, and we’re looking for a hunter to join the pack.


Our projects range from small to large, small business websites and systems integrations, through to cloud based solutions helping run large businesses and healthcare solutions. We don’t expect our people to know everything, however as a software solutions specialist it’s probably helpful if you do.


Looks like you’re still reading – that’s cool.


Now if you’re a versatile person, can manage multiple projects simultaneously, have experience in software, and think you’ve got what it takes, you’re going to have to convince us as to why you would be the perfect candidate for a fast paced position in software sales, a position where you’ll be comfortable presenting to C level execs, adopting new technology, building your sales pipeline, and closing sales.


For the right applicant we’re offering a very competitive package, so get creative, get in touch, and make the biggest sale you ever have – sell yourself.