Rapid response helps Ngatiporou protect volunteers

When the IT Manager from Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, Hugh Stuart reached out to NetValue for help to provide an induction system to educate and protect their valuable volunteers NetValue immediately stepped up to the mark and got straight on the job.

The Iwi volunteers are helping to deliver care and assistance to elderly and vulnerable people in their community, but the volunteers health and safety would have to be attended to first. An easy to use and very mobile friendly online induction system was required, and NetValue’s WorkSite induction application was a perfect fit.

Due to the urgency we had Mr. Stuart send the induction content and questions directly to us and on receipt a content specialist was able to prepare and upload it all within a very short period of time. The work undertaken by NetValue meant Ngatiporou could have their essential volunteers inducted and trained in as little time as possible, allowing them to get to work supporting the community.

WorkSite is designed to allow businesses and organisations to prepare and deliver health and safety inductions that are tailored to suit their individual needs, and COVID-19 has been a perfect example of how the software can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

Working with Greg from NetValue was great, his “Can do” attitude to assist us under the tight frames meant we were able to mobilise this safety induction for our Essential volunteers without delay. Additional inductions were simple and quick to create and manage, consequently, we have added a Food Safety Handling induction also” – A great service!

To learn more about WorkSite please visit www.worksite.nz