Record sales for Greenlea Butcher Shop

In 2017 NetValue worked with Greenlea Premier Meats to develop a new online butcher shop that would allow the then B2B business to transition into also operating in a B2C environment. The butcher shop is purely online sales only with product delivered throughout New Zealand. With access to export quality meat at supermarket prices, the online store quickly became the ‘go to’ store for buyers nationwide.

Forming strategic partnerships with Ovation and First Light expanded the online range and allowed buyers to also access high quality lamb and venison product along with the already considerable range of beef cuts.

The announcement of the Governments COVID-19 response saw an immediate increase in website visitor traffic that peaked at almost 3,000% higher than the previous period. Working closely with Greenlea NetValue monitored traffic and activity and together helped maintain a level of sales that the store could safely deliver.  

The increase in sales wasn’t just related to COVID-19, nor was it pure accident, in fact as luck would have it, just prior to the COVID-19 response announcements the online store had launched a national TV Campaign backed up with a Google advertising strategy managed by NetValue. These elements combined with the already existing social media strategy were enough to create what could almost be called a perfect storm – in a good way!

If you’d like to experience the Greenlea difference then visit the store at