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“Real Time Genomics (RTG) develops analytical solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of extracting knowledge from raw genomic data. We deliver validated, accurate results that are redefining personalised medicine” (Real Time Genomics Website, 2016).

Ok so put into ‘English,’ RTG develop software that analyses genetic genomes that works out what makes YOU different. It decifers the difference between your genome and the reference/model genome prototype.

So what makes the RTG software so different and worth while shouting about?

In a recent study involving newborn infant Astrea Li, RTG’s software was the only programme that  was able to break through the cellular noise and identify the variation in her genome that allowed doctors to successfully diagnose her illness and help develop a cure for her. 

Astrea Li was born with a heart arrhythmia called long QT syndrome (LQT Syndrome) which caused sudden, uncontrollable and dangerous arrhythmias regularly to her tiny newborn body.

Researchers used software to assess genomic data from her heart cells and found that 92% of her genome was healthy and 8% was showing signs of mutation. This noise however was classed by other software as not being a legitimate variation.

Because the mutation causing the LQT Syndrome was present in a small fraction of heart cells, other software only saw this variation as being common noise in the genomic data. RTG’s software however, reported that the 8% variation was legitimate and therefore allowed doctors to rapidly identify the best course of treatments. 

Astrea Li now has an implant and is living life as a happy, healthy, normal toddler. 

We thought this achievement was well worth shouting out about and hope you do also. 

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*RTG is a contracting company that works within the NetValue business and crosses paths with a number of our software development teams.