SEO - Is it really important?


Getting found in a crowded market can be difficult, so any edge you can achieve that puts you above your competitor is going to be a benefit, and the numbers are truly staggering.

The difference in average click through rates (CTR) for results ranked between 1 and 10 is huge with position 1 receiving nearly 30% and dropping to a mere 2% for position 10.

So yes, SEO is very important and being in the top 3 is more so. But don’t think it’s just a matter of stuffing your content with ‘keywords’ as Google was onto this a number of years back and constant changes to the search algorithm mean that some 200+ factors are considered when ranking your site, and although the full list is more secret than the Colonels 11 Herbs and Spices, or the recipe for Big Mac sauce, our specialists have a good idea of what needs to be achieved, and how to deliver results.

Great SEO is a combination or art, science, and common sense, and although there are a lot of companies who will make claim to being the best, or guaranteeing exceptional results or your money back, there are not that many that really do deliver, so when selecting an SEO provider make sure the business you select really understands yours!

At the end of the day the real question should probably be ‘Can you afford not to do it?

NetValue SEO services are tailored to your specific business requirements and goals, and each campaign is carefully planned and managed with regular monthly reporting and campaign updates.

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