Four reasons why your Business should be utilising Social Media.


By now, I’m sure you will all know about social media.

By now, most of you will have groaned at the thought of tackling social media for your business.

By now, most of you would have looked at social media for your business and thought, ‘it’s not for us’.

Let me correct you, it IS for you! It is in fact a must-have for all businesses and this article is going to tell you why. Here are our top four reasons why your business needs to be on social media, like… yesterday.

1.It’s where everyone hangs out.

If you got a group of people together and asked them who had at least two social media profiles, I guarantee you that 80% of them would raise their hands.

Social media is viewed by people as being a place to interact with brands, keep up to date with family, friends, trending news and have a bit of a laugh.

This is a massive opportunity for businesses to capitalise on by getting involved in the conversations. The roadblock that they tend to come up against however is what to talk about and how to engage with their target market.

Like we outlined above, the key thing to remember here is WHY people are on social media. They are on there to interact, not to sift their way through mountains of sales pitches.

So, get on in there, figure out which social media platforms your target market enjoy the most, focus on those ones and do them well and TALK to your customers. Leave the sales pitches for other forms of marketing. 

2.It builds brand loyalty.

Relationships build loyalty. Well 99% of the time anyway. If you want to build more loyalty with your customers, you need to build relationships first.

How do you do this I hear you saying - It’s simple, let people get to know the REAL you and the rest will follow suit. Social media is a marketing platform that allows you to be less formal with the way you talk to clients, and let’s down those walls to let people in.

So, use this! Use these platforms to show what your brand is all about, flaws and all. If that means you put a photo up showing how you were in such a rush this morning, you forgot shoes – put it up! It shows that behind your big corporate brand, there are real people who are just the same as they are.

A key thing to just note here – is that everything in moderation is key. That means, too many “forgot my shoes” posts will have the opposite effect. You need to provide value to your customers with a balance of real life and relatable posts as well as industry trends and your companies expertise.

To do this is easy. You just need to tap into what you are most likely already doing.

Your company is FILLED with expertise, you just need to share it with others. This will mean that you are identifying those pain points your customers have, and solving their problems for them, quite possibly before they have even had a conversation with you. This is key to building loyalty that lasts.

3.Target, Target, Target.

It’s slightly creepy the amount of information social media platforms can find out about you to craft an incredibly accurate client avatar for businesses; however, we give it up freely, whether we realise it or not!

The amount of information you can gather about your target market via social media, is reason enough to get on board!

You can find out not only their demographics but also what their main interests are, what technology they utilise most, what their family structure or relationships status is and what other look-alike companies they interact with.

It’s then up to you to capitalise on this and use it to get in front of you ideal clients. It can be one of the best ways to drive target traffic to your website – which is a reason all on its own!

4. It’s the future.

What more can we say about this. Social media is the way the world is going and it’s the way your business should be going also.

Don’t get caught up in the ‘one day’ mode, get out there and do it today. The first thing you need to do is get on, create a page and secure you brand’s handle (the @{entercompanynamehere}) this is the key way customers can tag and mention you online, which you want to keep track of, so be sure to get this early so you can see what people are saying about you!

So what are you waiting for… have you signed up yet?