The Underrated Avenues of Digital Marketing

And how your business can harness them


Digital Marketing is an ever-changing medium that businesses have yet to truly conquer. Certain avenues of Digital Marketing such as YouTube, gaming and streaming are underrated secrets among advertising entrepreneurs and branding gurus that pull in spectacular results with out of the box marketing methods. In this article we’ll be showing you why these platforms are worth the effort and how your business can use them, starting with everyone’s favourite video platform, YouTube.



Businesses have adopted social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into their digital marketing model, but YouTube is often overlooked despite it arguably being one of the best social media tools with an average viewing session of over 40 minutes per session on mobile devices alone.


Why is it worth the effort?

  • YouTube has over 40,000,000 unique visitors between the ages of 25-34 and over 70,000,000 unique visitors between the ages of 35-54 in 2015.
  • YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the US.
  • In comparison to traditional advertising, the cost and saturation of YouTube’s advertising space is low.
  • Now that YouTube is owned by Google, advertisers benefit from full integration with Google AdWords and Analytics.


How can my business use it?

Creating a YouTube advertising campaign is the easiest way to develop your brand and drive conversions on the platform. Take some time to learn about the different ad formats and video advertising options YouTube offers, look at what your competition is doing in this space and once you have developed an idea of what works for you, create an ad which captures the viewer’s attention in 8 seconds or less, always keep it simple and easy to understand.

Once you have created your campaign, make sure to test out different target groups and ad formats to see what works best for you to ensure your campaign is as successful and cost effective as possible.

Another approach is to create your own YouTube channel for your business. A YouTube channel can be an inexpensive way to reach millions of your customers and establish a goldmine of value for brand awareness and your other social media platforms. Your videos don’t need a massive budget to get off the ground and if you already own a video camera they can cost you nothing to produce, all it takes is a creative idea that engages with your target market.


Case Study: Eric The Car Guy


Eric The Car Guy is a perfect example of a business reaching out to millions through a YouTube Channel at little to none cost. Armed with just a simple video Camera, Eric creates how-to videos for all things automotive, questions and answers videos, and videos offering general advice.

The best qualities of Eric’s videos are that they are engaging, shareable and repayable. Combined with a low production budget and heavy brand awareness, Eric’s YouTube channel is a golden marketing platform.

The video seen above has over 4.2 Million views and his channel has over 850,000 subscribers all in his target group of customers, providing a valuable marketing tool without any fancy video effects or high production budget.



Games have often been overlooked by advertisers who believe that the only thing you can advertise on games are other games, but in today’s modern day, gaming has entered the mainstream and an astonishing 88.5% of NZ households own some kind of gaming device, with an estimated 58% of New Zealanders identified as gamers, providing advertisers with a rich platform to show their brand on.


Why is it worth the effort?

  • The average age of gamers is 35 years old.
  • Four out of five smartphone owners have played a game on their device.
  • 67% of people have visited an advertiser’s website after seeing a mobile ad.
  • In-game advertising has been found to increase purchase intent by 24%, brand recommendation by 23%, and overall brand rating by 32%.


How can my business use it?

The simplest way your business can use gaming as an advertising platform is by integrating your brand into existing products through advertising.

Gaming platforms, such as mobile games, provides a rich set of ad formats and targeting options that can be used by advertisers, such as ads in video format, overlaid onto the game, or integrated into specific screens of the game.

Do you want a more engaging experience for building brand awareness? Why not make a game for your own brand or business! Take a viral game like Flappy Bird with your own spin on it, or make something original from scratch and build your brand into it from the ground up. An internally built game generates a massive amount of brand engagement and awareness if done correctly, and if the game goes viral you could reach millions of people at a very low cost in contrast to the traditional approach.


Case Study: Eppendorf



Eppendorf AG, a German company which specialises in the development, production and selling of products and services for laboratories around the world launched a gaming campaign called “Eppi Cup 2016” featuring their signature lab tube “Eppi” as the main character. Players had to shoot 7 footballs into a goal as fast as they could, and at the end of the game players were able to register for a chance to win prizes including a “research plus 3-pack” and “Eppi Cup” footballs.

Eppi Cup 2016 has been played by over 42,000 users worldwide with 89% of users providing their contact details after the game, with 69% of players also continuing to their website, and 87% of users replaying the game with an average of being played 80 times per user.

Through this case study, we can see the power branded games can have: generating social engagement, holding high conversion rates and return of investment, increasing brand awareness and acquiring new leads.



Streaming has had a rapid rise in popularity ever since the dawn of where millions of users watch the world’s top video gamers live. Recently, has also recently extended its reach to other realms, such as radio podcasts and creative streams where people do a wide variety of real time shows including cooking, painting and comedy. This exploding high engagement platform has yet to be fully utilised by advertisers, with the returns proving to be high for those who have started advertising and brand awareness campaigns in this growing medium.


Why is it worth the effort?

  • 58% of users spend more than 20 hours per week on
  • 73% of users are between 18-49 years-old.
  • Streaming provides many perks that are hard to develop on other platforms such as real time interaction, personal connection, authenticity and empowering active engagement.


How can my business use it?

Your business could create their own engaging stream experience in real time to build up brand awareness and advertising. A stream for your business benefits from real time interaction with your consumers, allowing you to create a personal connection and active engagement between your viewers and your brand.

Another approach to using streaming for your business is internally integrating your brand awareness & advertising within an existing stream through methods such as sponsorship or partnership. Find a streaming personality & format that suits your business and appeals to your target market and work with the streamer on how they could best integrate your business into their stream to provide maximum exposure.


Case Study: Old Spice Nature Adventure

 Old Spice Nature Adventure


Inspired by the incredible success of “Twitch Plays Pokémon”, Old Spice created their own real time stream where consumers could use the chat feature to command “Nature Man” to do whatever they want him to in a forest, leaving the adventure that will unfold up to the viewer’s creativity. Across the 3 days that this adventure took place, Old Spice garnered 2.3 million views and engaged with thousands of real time viewers in a shared experience that cultivated a passionate and engaged community for their brand.



Now that you’re armed with a new set of tools under your belt, head out there and put it to use! Unleash the power of a viral video, creative game or engaging stream and glory at the results you net with these secret weapons for a successful digital marketing strategy. 


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