What’s Driving our Growth and why do we Need More People?

A few months back, and after 6 years in our previous offices we moved to a vibrant, bright, open plan space in the South end of the city centre.

Even though the space was amazing, I guess San Francisco grunge loft style you might call it, we refrained from immediately rushing out and buying new furniture. Why - because we wanted to get to know the space, to find out how it would work, how our people would work within it, and how our business culture might influence the final decision on what form and style the furnishings would actually take.

This is not at all unlike our approach to business – when we take on a new client we don’t just rush in and develop a new website, or create a software solution. No, just like moving to the new office space we get to know you, work out how we will best work together, and how as a team we can strategically achieve your business goals.

Does it take a bit longer? Yes it does, but the results are always worth it, just like the office space we’ve learnt better ways to work together, to be more collaborative, and as a result of that we’ve been able to improve systems and increase productivity.

I think this clearly reinforces the fact that the physical work environment really does have a great effect on the output of your team, and the more the workplace is ‘in balance’ with the culture of the business, the better the overall result will be.

NetValue has grown as a result of our move, and with that growth we’ve found ourselves in need of new staff, this time it’s in our sales team and we’re looking for a real self starter who preferably has industry experience, and is looking for a challenging and rewarding position in software sales.

Think you might have what it takes?

If so drop us a few lines and a copy of your CV and we’ll take it from there.

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