Worlds Largest Software Market


An article published by Reseller News in 2018 reported that CRM had become the largest software market in the world, surpassing database management systems for the first time ever.

According to Gartner, global CRM (Customer Relationship Management) revenue reached NZ$56.6 billion for the previous year to date.



So what’s driving this substantial growth?

The answer is quite simple, a desire to secure more sales in an economy where competition is greater than ever, and margins are continuing to erode as business overheads and the cost of sales increases.

Making sure each and every lead is correctly followed through the sales process is a time consuming and difficult task if you are attempting to manage it manually, however add a well configured CRM to your sales toolkit and you immediately create a better and more accurate view of your sales or membership pipeline.                                        

There are many CRM systems available on the market, with both free and paid subscriptions available, but how do you know which one will be best for you?

Some of the things you need to consider when selecting a CRM system include:

  • Ease of data migration – You’re going to need to populate your CRM with the information that your sales team need to operate. How easy is the migration process?

  • CRM functionality – Out of the box is the CRM you’re selecting going to provide you with the basic tools to compete the job? A number of CRM solutions both free and paid have limitations on functionality at the base level and require addition cost to enable extra features.

  • CRM customisation – Can the CRM be customised to suit your business? Sometimes you’ll find the standard modules are not quite a perfect fit and may require customisation to suit.

  • Is it easy to use? – Like any tool if the user experience is bad staff will either not use it, or use it only under duress, either way your investment in the system will have been in vain.

  • What about support? – How easy is the vendor to contact, and do they understand your business? A good vendor / client relationship is extremely important if you want to get the best out of your CRM and your staff.

  • Do you need to integrate with other applications? – A well configured CRM can often be referred to as ‘the source of truth’, a place where everything that is important to the sales process is stored. Do you need to automatically log telephone calls, keep a record of email communications, process invoices or manage inventory? A good CRM will allow you to integrate with a wide range of other applications and services.

  • Cost – How many users will you have? Is the CRM cost based on a per seat basis or does it provide you with unlimited users? What is the cost to configure it to suit your specific business requirements?

 There are lots of questions to ask when considering what CRM is best for you, and your Account Manager at NetValue is the best place to start.

At NetValue we have a range of CRM solutions designed to work with small to medium size organisations through to very large, and to help determine which solution is best for you we’re happy to offer a totally free and no obligation initial consultation to find out.

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