Anglesea Hospital

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Website Development

  • Anglesea Hospital had an existing website hosted by NetValue but somewhat dated in it’s design and functionality. This didn’t fit with the private hospital image they wanted to portray.
  • Wanting a clean and fresh design the development fell well within the scope of a NetValue templated catalogue product which meant delivery would be very fast and development costs could be kept at a reasonable level.
  • To ensure exceptional SEO performance the Tagline and H1 and H2 titles needed to be clearly researched and tested
  • Navigation needed to be simple and efficient - a minimalistic approach to the header navigation was taken with a stronger emphasis on icon driven page centric calls to action. 

Content Creation

  • Working closely with the client NetValue assisted with content creation editing and writing new content, as well as providing help with the capture of new images to populate new pages.
  • Content creation is an additional service available to NetValue clients when they are unable to provide or develop site content themselves.

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