Conversion Rate Optimisation

Sometimes confused with SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation is in fact quite different, and largely overlooked by a great number of website owners.

Search Engine Optimisation is about letting as many people as possible know where to find you - a bit like telling them where your business is, but Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about the experience they have when they actually visit your site.

Is the site easy to use, is your navigation clear, does it clearly reflect what it is that you do or offer?

The consumer is often expecting a digital version of a bricks and mortar store so we need to look at how these are related - and this is the beginning of what we call Cross Channel Marketing.

We need to analyse visitor behaviour, what they do, what makes them more engaged - or less, and to achieve this we will use a range of tools that could include:

  • Electronic heat mapping
  • Site recordings
  • Behavioural trend analytics
  • A-B testing
  • Focus group participation

The ultimate goal is to provide the site visitor with an experience that keeps them engaged, and ultimately leads to a conversion, be it a sale, a download, an enquiry - whatever the goal might be, and this takes us right back to Website Strategy where we first need to understand why the site exists.

Standard Conversion Rate Optimisation Packages (Monthly)

Description Includes Price
CRO Delivery - Basic Review, recommendations, action, report (3 hours) $360.00
CRO Delivery - Intermediate e Review, recommendations, action, report (8 hours) $960.00
CRO Delivery - Advanced Review, recommendations, action, report (16 hours) $1920.00

All CRO packages are configured to suit the individual client and also include:

  • Valid8 Site Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly activity report
  • Optional Monthly Heatmapping
  • Optional Monthly Site recording

All quoted prices are exclusive of GST.

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