Important points

* Always ensure you add the user/s to the database in your control panel or you will not be able to login to phpmyadmin

* If you require more than 1 MySQLdatabase, an additional fee of $10 per month (per database) is applicable.

* If your website is hosted on a Windows server, you can also use Microsoft Access databases.

Please Contact Support to request any DSNs you need created and please note, there is a limit of ***free DSNs per site. Extra DSNs will incur a setup fee of $10- per extra DSN.

What is a database and why would I want one?

A database is a collection of information. A computer can search the database and return a result depending on the questions asked.

For example, you may wish customers to place orders for products on your website. Information regarding the purchaser, their delivery address, and so forth, could be stored in the database.

You may also want to have all of your products in a database. These products could then be displayed, with prices, when a purchaser requests information on that product range.

What types of databases can I use with my NetValue hosting account and what costs are involved?

There are no initial setup fees, but there is a monthly fee of $10- for enabling MySQL database usage for your hosting account.

You can then create the database and users through the MySQL link in your control panel and the database is then managed through the phpmyadmin link (also in your control panel).