Domain Features

Make the most of your domain name. If you are not already using it for website hosting or email services then set up a "business card" website and an email forward and present a more professional image to your clients, for no extra costs.

All NetValue domain name registrations or transfers receive:

✔  A "Business Card" Web Page - If you register, or transfer, your Domain Name to NetValue we can provide you with a FREE "Business Card" web page hosting as part of our service.

✔  Domain Parking - Your domain name must be "parked" or, technically speaking "resolving" to dns name servers before it can be transferred. NetValue can provide this free service as part of the registration transfer should you require it.

✔  Email Forwarding - When you register or transfer your domain name to NetValue, you can specify that all email sent to it is redirected to your own email address, or any other email address you choose.<

✔  Domain Name / URL / Redirection - Use the free redirection option so that if anyone types in your domain name it redirects to another web site address.

✔  Spam Filtering and Email Virus Checking - NetValue employs state-of-the-art spam and virus filtering technology for email. We recognise the right of all our customers to enjoy a spam and virus free Internet experience and as such make this a free service on all accounts.

✔  Diverse Nameservers - NetValue employs geographically diverse name servers for each domain name. This means that should disaster befall any specific area then your domain name will continue to work.