Domain Name - Free Features

Make the most of your domain name if you are not using it for hosting or email services. All NetValue domain name registrations or transfers receive:

Free Domain Parking

Your domain name must be "parked" or, technically speaking "resolving" to dns name servers before it can be transferred. NetValue can provide this free service as part of the registration transfer should you require it.

Free Email Forwarding

When you register or transfer your domain name to NetValue, you can specify that all email sent to it is redirected to your own email address, or any other email address you choose.

Free Domain Name / URL / Redirection

Use the free redirection option so that if anyone types in your domain name it redirects to another web site address.

Free Spam Filtering and Email Virus Checking

NetValue employs state-of-the-art spam and virus filtering technology for email. We recognise the right of all our customers to enjoy a spam and virus free Internet experience and as such make this a free service on all accounts.

Business Card Website

If you register, or transfer, your Domain Name to NetValue we can provide you with a FREE "Business Card" web page hosting as part of our service.

Having this gives you the following benefits:

  • List your contact details, so that anyone who types in your domain name can get that information.
  • FREE email forwarding to your ISP email address, so you can use your domain name email address as soon as you register your domain name
  • Add a photo or your company logo, if appropriate
  • Put in a paragraph of information about you or your company
  • Allows you to have a web presence and saves you the time of getting a "full-blown" web site up and running.
  • Total portability: If you decide to change your Internet Service Provider (ISP) you won't have to change your email or website address.
  • It says you're serious: Any business that has an email address that reads for example, is demonstrating that it is serious, it's here for the long haul.
  • It provides more information... Notice too that 'yourcompany' with a registered domain name is no longer providing free advertising for your ISP, instead it is able to give a contact name, YOURS!

And to keep it professional for you, we only add a discrete mention of our name at the bottom of the page, no garish advertising or banners.

How do I get a Business Card web page?

If you don't already have your Domain Name registered with NetValue you can start by

Registering a Domain Name


Transferring your Domain Name

to NetValue, and you will be able to set-up your FREE "Business Card" Web Site during the process.

Existing clients should log into MyPanel , and set-up this feature from there.

And when you are ready we can help with either web site design or other Email and Hosting options.

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