Do you have FormMail?

Yes, FormMail cgi scripting is preinstalled on NetValue’s Linux hosting servers.

Simply place the following on the appropriate page and amend the ‘value’ fields to your own requirements. You will also need to remove any '*' .


<*input TYPE="hidden" name="recipient" value=""*>

<*input TYPE="hidden" name="subject" value="Order Form"*>

<*input TYPE="hidden" name="required" value="name, email"*>

<*input TYPE="hidden" name="redirect" value=""*>

Please ensure you replace “”, with your real domain name, and remove the "*" from the code.


Below is an example of using formmail, for the domain ‘’.


<*input TYPE="hidden" NAME=recipient VALUE=" "*>

<*input TYPE="hidden" NAME=subject VALUE=" Order Form"*>

<*input TYPE="hidden" NAME=required value="name, email">

<*input TYPE="hidden" NAME=redirect value=""*>

Can we secure Formmail?


If the webpage you are trying is a secure form, the action the form performs must be a secure action as well. We use an example of a domain name of and an order form called orderform.html.

The orderform.html file is uploaded into the normal web account directory.

The code you would insert into your webpage is as follows:


<*INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME=recipient VALUE=""*>

<*INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME=subject VALUE=" Order Form"*>

<*INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME=redirect VALUE=""*>