Hosting and Email Services Agreement

We agree to provide web hosting and email services to you through our host computers but only on the following basis:

We will provide you with a shared IP address, username, and password to enable access to our service.

We will provide you with the Hosting Plan you subscribe to and features as described on our web site.

Hosting plans are to be used for web site hosting.  Script development and testing scripts should be used on a private server as faulty scripts may cause server over-load.

We will provide you with bandwidth.  Bandwidth is measured by the data transferred to and from your account.  Bandwidth usage includes web site (http), ftp and email traffic. 

We will provide you with disk space.  Disk space is the amount of space measured in bytes used on the server(s).  Disk space usage includes both web hosting account files and email.  Disk space is used for active web site hosting and email files, not as a repository to store unrelated files and files not in use.

Our email service is important to you and our other subscribers.

As a condition of your use of our email service you agree as follows:

You agree to remove your email from our mail server promptly and to keep the space used by your files on the system below 500 megabytes. We have the right to remove email data in excess of 500 megabytes left by you on our mail server. If you have not made a special arrangement with us, we will not be liable for any loss of data because of your failure to housekeep your email.

Email enables a rapid, immediate and wide-spread response. You must not use the email service for communication which is defamatory or contrary to generally accepted community standards of behaviour or good taste. While we do not intend to be a censor, we have the right, at our discretion, to decide what those standards are and to review your use of our services at any time and to terminate you if we consider that you have breached these standards. If you defame anyone through your use of the email service and we are sued, you agree that we have the right to recover all costs and losses incurred by us as a result of your action from you directly upon demand.

You agree not to send multiple , unsolicited email (SPAM or UCE), to single or multiple users whether or not this is for business purposes.

Generally, you agree to obey the developing rules of Netiquette. These are the general rules of good and considerate behaviour on the Internet as a world wide and open community. Any failure to obey these rules will result in a warning. If we consider the breach sufficiently serious (at our discretion) you agree that we may terminate your email service without liability to you.

Please view the NetValue Acceptable Uses Policy for further detail.

We will make genuine and commercially reasonable efforts to make the services you have subscribed for operating fault free 24 hours a day and, if the system malfunctions, to restore those services as soon as reasonably possible.

But if in spite of those efforts, we cannot provide or restore the service (even if the failure is our fault) we are not liable to you.

The reasons for these limits on our service levels are because:

We do not own or control all the facilities and communication lines necessary for access, and therefore, we cannot guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted or error free.

Our services may be used by you for purposes we do not know about and have no control over.

You agree to give us not less than 30 days written notice that your account is no longer required. Until we receive this notice you are responsible for anything done with the services to which you have subscribed. Any charges incurred through the use of those services are payable by you whether you authorised them or not.

We may at any time cancel, reject, or refuse to continue hosting any web sites without providing any reason for such rejection or refusal at any time prior to, or after, hosting any web site. This right will not be unreasonably exercised.