Hosting Support

Frequently asked questions and pro tips about your Hosting accounts can be found below:

Secure Socket Layers (SSL)

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) make sure that the information being sent to and from the website is unreadable by anyone in between. Learn more


The MySQL version we have installed is: 5.051a Learn more

Virtual Hosting

Having virtual hosting means your website, along with many others, is located on a computer that is connected to the internet via a very fast link 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Learn more

Server Side Includes (SSI)

Can I use Server Side Includes (SSI) with my Interspeed hosting account? Learn more


Recover lost login details for a number of NetValue services here... Learn more

Web Site Template

Which type of the template is the best for my web site and what's the difference? Learn more

Streaming Media

"Streaming" allows the user to see a video or hear a sound or music instantly, as the file is downloading. Learn more


NetValue has partnered with the Bank of New Zealand to offer PaySpeed an online credit card processing facility. Learn more


What is a database, why would I want one, and what types can be used with my NetValue hosting account? Learn more

Data Centre

The key features in any data centre are redundancy and security. Learn more

Shell Accounts (SSH)

Can I have telnet or SSH access to my Interspeed hosting account? Learn more

Email Support

Need help setting up your new email account in your email client? Learn more

CGI, Perl & Python

Does NetValue allow me to use my own CGI scripts? What is the correct path to Perl and other programs on NetValue’s Linux hosting servers? Learn more

Form Mail

FormMail cgi scripting is preinstalled on NetValue’s Linux hosting servers. Learn more


We offer some of New Zealand's most reliable, secure and best value telehousing and colocation options. Learn more


How do I change file permissions? Learn more

Hosting Space

Every NetValue hosting account has a minimum of 100meg of hosting space / disk space allocated on the file servers. Learn more

Dedicated Servers Support

A dedicated server is a server that we purchase and own and lease to you. Learn more

Windows Server Components

We have a number of server components installed on our Windows servers including ASPEMail, ASPJpeg and Dundas Upload. Learn more

Default Display Page

What should my ‘homepage’ be called? Learn more


NetValue has php5 installed on our Linux servers. Learn more

Private SSL

A private SSL Web Server Certificate on your website, displays the identity of the website owner, and the name of the independent authority who verified that identity. Learn more

Linux Servers

NetValue's Linux servers run Debian and Apache web server. Learn more