With software literally driving everything in this modern world, even some of our cars, it’s important to remember that it is now an integral part of everyone’s businesses, and a critical link between the business and the customer.

How we build and deploy software is changing, the silos are being broken down and a special link between development and operations has been created – the DevOps engineer.

The DevOps engineer is able to work on both sides of the equation helping development and operations work closer together in order to reduce the time between development and launch. To enable a DevOps environment to properly function the business needs to rethink how they communicate, and to move to a more collaborative work environment where silos are removed and the workflow is simplified.

DevOps is not unlike Lean Manufacturing, a process developed by Toyota in the 1990’s to minimise waste and reduce the time and cost of delivering an end product to the consumer. In the case of DevOps our products are generally virtual but the overall outcome is basically the same – efficient product development and delivery through all major stakeholders.

NetValue now operates an internal DevOps team providing service to our own internal business units as well as external clients in both New Zealand and overseas.

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