NetValue has partnered with the Bank of New Zealand to offer PaySpeed an online credit card processing facility.

PaySpeed is an Internet based credit card processing payment gateway that allows your web site to accept credit cards for payment, and processes the transaction in real time, followed by the depositing of funds into your account for use the next day (dependent on the agreement with your Bank).


  • Accept real time credit card payments on your web site.
  • New Zealand based system
  • Multi-Currency System
  • Low fees
  • Funds in your account same day and cleared overnight.
  • Easy connection types for any form of order system.
  • Includes offline credit card processing pos (mail order / call centre)
  • Comprehensive online transaction reporting available through MyPanel.

Please view a comparison between Payspeed and another payment gateway available in New Zealand.

What is the application process?

Submit an application to the Bank of New Zealand to become an Internet merchant.

As a BNZ Internet merchant you are approved to accept credit card payment over the Internet which the BNZ processes on your behalf.

Once the BNZ has approved your application, we will add your details to our PaySpeed payment gateway.  We will provide you with the information necessary to link your web site to the payment gateway.


The fees paid to the BNZ are no more than you would pay for a standard merchant account.  The PaySpeed transaction fee is industry leading.

You submit the application The Bank of New Zealand will charge you a $400 connection fee once your application has been approved. This fee is only $230 for existing BNZ Customers.  There are also credit card processing fees, for example 3%, which you are charged by the BNZ for each transaction.

There is a $200 connection fee payable to NetValue once you request connection to the PaySpeed payment gateway, together with a fee of $50 /month per 100 transactions or part there of.