How do I change file permissions?

If you website is hosted on one of NetValue’s Linux hosting servers you can change permissions by logging into your MyPanel, and going to the ‘file manager’.

Navigate to the folder or file you wish to change user permissions on, and click the number on the right of the file/folder (in the ‘perms’ column).

You then modify the file permissions as you require.

If your site is hosted on an NetValue Linux server, you can also change permissions through most reputable ftp clients.

For example with Filezilla you can right-click on a file and get a pop-up menu. On that is an option 'File permissions...' This is the command to alter the permissions. (For example: script files (*.cgi, *.pl) need to be 755 to function correctly).

If your site is hosted on an NetValue Windows server, changes to file permissions can only be done by the server administrator.

If you require this, please Contact Support with details of the changes you need.