Having developed an interest in bee keeping, product development specialist Darren Bainbridge realised that in an industry that was growing rapidly there was a significant deficiency in how hive information was collected and used.

  • To develop a management system that would identify actual business needs by making sense of the data that was being collected from the hives.
  • Better planning by utilising realtime information integrated with proven business processes.
  • Remote operation was essential due to the often very remote locations the hives are located in would mean an App verison would also be required.

Implementation & Solution

  • Working closely with beekeepers enabled development of a system that closely fits the beekeepers needs and they way that they work.
  • A focus on UI design gives a vibrant, uncluttered workflow that beekeepers love to use.
  • An Offline tablet app allows beekeepers to work in remote areas and synchronise the data when back in range
  • Extensive use of GIS helps track locations of hives and provide directions for locating sites
  • Use of cutting edge technologies allowed fast bootstrap of the project, efficient on development budgets and providing working models early
  • Integration with RFID technologies allows easy traceability for thousands of hives


  • MyApiary supports legal requirements for hive management reporting and trace-ability of honey from site to processing
  • Operations recorded through the system give a historic record, easily accessible for operational decisions
  • The scheduler allows for planning and communication between operations management and staff. Changes to schedule are immediately available
  • A Management view of the data allows for comparative analysis and business planning