Smart Trade is a business to business loyalty programme designed to reward its members for every dollar they spend with their participating partners.

In 2013 Smart Trade engaged with NetValue to undergo a complete redevelopment of their mission critical systems. Smart Trade had outgrown its points/rewards based system and was ready to take their business to the next level.

The Challenge

  • To re-imagine and re-develop the existing rewards management system which drives the operations, management, and customer facing part of their business.
  • Better adaptability for different business rules as the business changes
  • Provide Business Intelligence and customisable programme websites 
  • To manage, maintain, and cultivate existing customers and potential customers


Implementation & Solution

  • Administered through effective portals which are efficient and easy to use
  • Modification of the platform was achieved through modularity and decoupling of discreet processes
  • Significant integration with Sugar CRM including workflow management which triggers business process
  • Rules based engine for rewards points calculation
  • Integration with existing accounting software to produce invoicing
  • Administration of online rewards shop, order processing and fulfilment
  • Mechanism for participating businesses to report the amount of spending by Smart Trade members


  • Automation of many administrative tasks which were previously manual
  • Ability to self-manage and configure all aspects of the spend processing, points calculation, invoicing, programme websites, and interactions with the customer
  • Increased level of business analytics for better decision making
  • Smart Trade and NetValue have established a long term relationship and continue to work together to implement new ideas