Web Design and Development

In a world of constant digital evolution NetValue works closely with our clients to ensure we’re able to deliver software solutions that help them do ‘Better Business’.

When you work with NetValue you have access to a team of highly skilled staff including graphics designers, UX/UI designers, developers, SEO specialists, solutions architects, business analysts and strategists – and supporting the team on the front end, our own hosting support team provides the infrastructure that allows your new website or web application to run smoothly and without interruption.

With experience in a variety of open source software platforms our web development team can help you with a solution that is tailored to suit your individual business needs. Our preferred platforms include Silverstripe, Magento, and Laravel, however as the development skill set is extremely broad, alternatives to these may be used where they are deemed to be a better fit. At NetValue our aim is to match your business need with the most appropriate technology stack to achieve the desired objective(s).

The process of web development begins with listening, taking the time to learn about your business, your business needs, and your business goals. And after we’ve listened we look – we look at what you’re currently doing, and we look at your competitors, and the market in which you operate, because it’s important for us to understand not just what you do but who you’re up against, and how they operate in the same space.

Once we have a clear understanding of what your specific ‘Business Need’ is, we then work with you to consider what form the ideal solution might take, the type of web site or web application, the platform, the hosting arrangements, and the support packages for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and platform specific support (patches, updates, backups, etc).

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