Inventory System

Manage Inventory across Multiple Locations & Suppliers simply. Have Tracked/Non-tracked Items, create Kits and Items with multiple options, tracked at option level. Manage multiple level price lists by customer and by bulk discounts.

Alerting for low stock levels is customisable per item/item location and includes SMS and/or email alerts to any combination of Users or Contacts

Deliver superior customer service through direct online ordering out of inventory with full reporting and delivery management. Manage all your Purchase & Sales Orders with the full Delegated Authorities and Approvals for all users.

  •   Kits can be made up of Tracked and/or Non-Tracked Items
  •   Item Options tracked as separate Items
  •   Minimum Stock Levels with Alerts
  •   Multiple Base Price Levels
  •   Price Rules based on Quantity/Categories customisable per Customer/Group of Customers
  •   Easy Stocktaking
  •   Full Item movement history
  •   Online Ordering with minimum/maximum quantities and ordering budgets

Comprehensive User Security

  •   Only allow users to access and see what they need to