Job Management

Manage any type of Job from desktop, tablet or mobile phone as well as the staff who are doing them. Capture time management and GPS Locations from mobile phone.

System covers Quotes, Automatic Job creation on Quote acceptance, Resource groups, Tasks, Time sheets, Costs, Materials right to Invoice.

You can automatically create a Job from a converted lead based on a Quote acceptance giving you an easy admin path for Job Management, as well as add Inventory & other costs to Jobs ensuring nothing is missed.

Job Quotes

  •   Create Job Quotes with Tasks, Costs and Materials
  •   Automatically create Jobs from Converted Leads based on accepted Quotes

Job Management

  •   Create Job Templates
  •   Allocate Inventory and other Costs to Jobs
  •   Group Tasks into various Job Phases
  •   Job Tasks can be assigned to multiple users
  •   Track Job Costs and Margin in real time
  •   Time sheets

Mobile Access

  •   Mobile Access to Jobs
  •   Time sheets
  •   Job Check In/Check Out with location recording

Comprehensive User Security

  •   Only allow users to access and see the areas they need to