Email Marketing

Take advantage of the cheapest way to market yourself - and track the results

Create Stunning HTML Email Templates

  •  Use the in-built editor to create your own HTML templates, or take advantage of our design services

  •  Set permissions on your template to choose who you share them with in your organisation

  •  Protect the template layout by specifying areas in the templates that can be changed

Sending an Email is so Easy!

A wizard process guides you through sending an email to your contacts. You can choose your recipients by:

  •   Selecting recipients from a list
  •   Choosing a contact category
  •   Sending to contacts in a Marketing Campaign

Stay legal with the in-build subscription management

  • Don't spam your contacts - let them choose if they want to receive email from you.
  • Track the results of your Email Campaigns

Statistics are automatically gathered that tell you:

  •   How many people opened your email
  •   How many times people read your email
  •   What links in your email were clicked