Full Access to all your CRM Data from within Outlook

  • Browse, view, update or create new CRM records directly in Outlook and have FrontEnd sync them in the background with the CRM
  • Sync your custom objects/modules and custom fields
  • Select tethered-mode for real-time access to CRM data or non-tethered-mode where CRM data is synced and accessed in Outlook
  • Manage all your activities from Outlook.


The productivity tool you need if you use Salesforce, SuiteCRM, or SugarCRM.


Truly Superior Integration


Product Comparison Implicit FrontEnd Salesforce SugarCRM SuiteCRM
Sync Outlook data with CRM: Contacts, Calendars, Tasks
Sync CRM data: Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Leads, Quotes etc.      
Create / Update CRM Records from Outlook Limited  
Full Access to all CRM Data from within Outlook Limited    
Full Support for Custom Objects / Modules & Custom Fields Limited    
Email Side-Panel  
Manual Email Archiving
Rule-Based Auto-Email Archiving      
Email Conversation Thread Archiving      
Email Templates and Mail Merge      
Centralized Team/Role based Administration and Configuration      
Web Browsers Integration      
Integrated Document Archiving from Word, Excel and Acrobat Separate Separate  
Sales Productivity tools      
Cross Platform: Windows, Mac, OWA, Mobile    
Mixed Mode Access - Tethered for Real-Time Access and Non-Tethered for Cached Data and Offline Access      


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