PCMag Business Choice Winner: CRM


Customers appreciate businesses that go above and beyond to create a helpful and pleasant customer experience. Great customer experiences don't happen by magic or by prayer, they happen on purpose when a business plans and executes an intentional series of interactions with the explicit goal of providing great customer service. CRM services help because they provide a single interface that combines sales, marketing, customer service, and customer support. More and more CRM packages include automation to alleviate some of the burden.

In the end, there was a clear best among the players: SugarCRM wins this edition, earning highest overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend scores...

SugarCRM has come a long way from its open-source origins to become an enterprise-worthy and beloved solution for every aspect of the customer relationship. It's certainly clear that PCMag readers prefer it far and above the other options, including those from big-name vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce.com, which couldn't hold a candle to SugarCRM in almost every measure of the survey.

NetValue is a Certified SugarCRM Partner and can assist your from specifying your requirements right through to implementation and training with on-going support from our Sugar Specialists. Our goals are to help you maximise your return on investment in Sugar while increasing sales team productivity and delivering better customer service.

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