A Revolutionary Relationship Intelligence Service


Tells you something you don’t already know about your customer.

All done within the context of your CRM workflow.

Sugar turbo-charged by Hint, a CRM that works for you.


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1. All you need is a name and email address...


2. To get a rich customer profile...

3. Import what’s new to share with your colleagues...


4. And see recent interactions.

Intelligence Pane

Gathers, analyzes and displays relevant customer intelligence from a broad range of sources.

One-Click Update

Simple one-click to store the latest profile information in Sugar.

Activity History

See your customer engagements in a quick view.
Displays call, meeting and email history.

Better Business Outcomes

Customer First

Connect right from the first outreach and have more customers engage with you.

Actionable intelligence for all customer-facing employees.

Data for your entire customer lifecycle, from lead to customer and beyond.

Success Metrics

Add intelligence to every stage of your sales, customer service and marketing workflows.

Build a holistic customer profile, target ideal customer and close more deals, faster.

Realize better conversions from lead acquisition to opportunity close.


Automatically get missing information and easily fill gaps in contact data.

Get back more time to research, prospect and service your customer.

Eliminate manual data entry and automatically append data to CRM records.

CRM Adoption

Better user experience for sales reps with automated fetching and recording of customer data.

Increase trust factor and make Sugar the go to customer data platform for your sales teams.

Realize CRM value quicker through better customer data quality and user adoption.

Relationship Intelligence - Know Your Customers Better

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