What is a Subdomain and Why Would I Want One?

A subdomain is like an extension to your ‘root’ domain name. For example, you may register the domain name, ‘mydomain.com’. A subdomain would be something like ‘sales.mydomain.com’, ‘info.mydomain.com’ [or similar].

A new entry is made in the DNS records for the root [or parent] domain to create a subdomain.

You can use a subdomain in the same way as you would a normal root domain, that is: you can have it hosted as a website, you can have email services, you can point it to a URL, and so forth.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Subdomain?

Subdomains may be created through MyPanel. There is no additional cost with the Unlimited Plan or Partner Plan. With any other Plan the creation of a sub-domain is regarded as a whole separate hosting account.