Third Party COM Objects

Can I install my own custom or third party COM objects on NetValue´s hosting servers?

Yes, this is possible, however installation is subject to investigation and final approval of the server object by the system administrator, and incurs a minimum once off fee of $99- [+GST].

NetValue's Custom and Third Party Control / Com Object Policy

The Object of this document is to outline the procedures and policies in regards to NetValue customers uploading third party or custom COM objects to our servers for use on their sites.

This document is broken into two parts, one for third party controls, the second for custom built COM objects.

Third Party Controls

The following information has to be presented to NetValue for a third party control to be loaded onto the servers.

  • A registered version of the control
  • Proof that the control is licensed to the customer for Internet usage.
  • Documentation of functionality from the manufacturer.
  • Example code from the website in which the control is to be used.

We prefer that the website using the control is developed on a personal server and when the customer is happy that the third party control works the way they want they upload a copy of that site to NetValue´s servers and send us the COM object and relevant information.

Custom COM objects

The following information has to be presented to NetValue for a custom control to be loaded onto the servers.

  • A compiled version of the control
  • The source code for the control
  • Documentation stating what other controls or objects this component relies on.
  • Example code from the website in which the control is to be used.

Again we prefer that this is developed and tested on a personal server before it is sent to NetValue Components will only be accepted if they are developed in Visual Basic, Borland Delphi or Microsoft C++.

COM Objects must be able to run under Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) to ensure server stability and to ensure only privileged users (e.g. websites) are allowed to use the COM object.

COM Objects are installed into a directory on the server where only the website has read access to the object.  We do not allow write access to that directory for security purposes.

The MTS COM+ Application is run under the website´s administrative logon to allow the object to read/write/delete any part of the website that called an instance of the COM+ Application.

We do not under any circumstance allow a Custom COM Object full administrative access to the server.

The Service Charge

The $99 +GST charge covers installation of the COM object onto the NetValue servers and two hours of investigation to ensure a COM object will not affect the integrity or reliability of the NetValue servers.  If, after initial investigation, the COM object is found to be too complex to fully check, the customer will be notified that additional charges may apply.