How can I increase the amount of people that visit my website, and how can I have my site listed on search engines?

We see many excellent quality web sites. However, that is only part of the battle. You must be able to get people to your web site. For this purpose, NetValue can provide a website placement service.

When users type a keyword or phrase into a search engine query box, they receive a listing of websites that presumably offer information, products or services related to that keyword. Search engines strive to list the most qualified websites at the top of the list.

What services can NetValue provide?

NetValue provides MySubmit, which provides a complete web site optimisation, promotion and placement service.

Also web site keywording - keywords and meta-tags are added to your web content by our professional Web development team. This is normally only required once per site. Set-up fee $50. Request this via MyPanel, login and order from there.

Search Engine Optimisation

What we do

Our whole approach is about optimising your web site for search engines.

The basics are:

  • Analysis of key words for your site
  • Adding relevant external and internal links
  • Optimising each page
  • Reporting on results, and revising the approach if necessary

More specifically we will / are likely to:

  • Advise re web site content (real content). Build one page of content as often as you can, and get it online and put online.
  • Advise regarding a domain name. For example, you want "" and not "".
  • Advise regarding site design. The simpler the better. Speed is very important - keep pages small, and images even smaller.
  • Use the keyword once in title, once in description tag, once in a heading etc
  • Outbound Links: From every page, link to one or two high ranking sites under that particular keyword.
  • Inbound links: Look around your keyword sector in Google. Find sites that have links pages or freely exchange links, and get them to link to you.

and a whole range of other things....

Search Engine Optimisation Packages

Stage 1

  • Addition of appropriate meta data (title, keywords, description)
  • Unique meta data per page
  • Activation of Google Webmaster Tools
  • Activation of Google Analytics
  • Submission of valid sitemap to Google, Yahoo! and MSN Live Search
  • Addition of valid search engine robot directives (robots.txt)
  • Ensure the page validates against W3C standards

Stage 2

  • Check keyword density and content structure based on established business objectives and target audience.
  • Remove all keywords and content from images, instead displaying this content in an "indexable" way, or inline with the content
  • Generate beneficial in-bound links from respected, industry specific link directories or affiliate programs.
  • Provide candidates for further discussion regarding in-bound link or affiliate programs.

Stage 3

  • Monthly optimisation and "fine-tuning" based on data from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and various other sources.


Each site we work on is unique, and there are may different approaches that can be taken. There is often considerable time involved in doing search engine optimisation properly. It typically costs several hundred dollars for us to undertake this work.

If your site is valuable to you though, getting good rankings is likely to create sales for you.

Should you wish to talk further, contact us.