Windows Hosting (General)


Microsoft .NET is deeply integrated into the Windows Server 2003 family. The .NET Framework enables an unprecedented level of software integration using XML Web services: discrete, building-block applications that connect to each other-as well as to other, larger applications-via the Internet.

Integral to the Microsoft platform, the .NET Framework provides the ability to quickly and reliably build, host, deploy, and use secure and connected solutions through XML Web services. The Microsoft platform provides a suite of developer tools, client applications, XML Web services, and servers necessary to participate in this connected world.

These XML Web services provide reusable components built on industry standards that invoke capabilities from other applications independent of the way the applications were built, their operating system or platform, or the devices used to access them.

With XML Web services, developers can integrate applications inside enterprises and across network boundaries with partners and customers. This advance in computing-opening the door to federated collaboration and more efficient business-to-business and business-to-consumer services-can have a significant potential impact on revenue. Millions of others can use these components in varied combinations to produce highly personal, intelligent computing experiences.

Other .NET benefits in the Windows Server 2003

  • Leverage their existing investments. Existing Windows-based applications for Windows Server run on Windows Server 2003 and can be easily repackaged as XML Web services.
  • Write less code and use the programming languages and tools they know. Windows Server 2003 features built-in application services, such as Microsoft ASP.NET, transaction monitoring, message queuing, and data access.
  • Use process monitoring, recycling, and built-in instrumentation to provide reliability, availability, and scalability for their applications.

All of these benefits are in the improved Windows Server 2003 application platform.

Can I use and does NetValue support Store Front 2000 e-commerce software for Microsoft Front Page on your Windows servers?

Yes, we can host it, but product support must be acquired from the software manufacturer.

If objects have application scope, so that they should be loaded in a global.asa file, where do we place it?

This should go in the root directory of their application (For example; if you are running your .asp pages in ‘/www/customers/’ directory: it should go there).

Do you provide any free BBS/Message Board code. If so could you help me out in using this code?

No, we do not. However, there are many free programs available at: or ‘Matt’s Script Archive’

Which program/s do you have on NetValue’s Windows server for uploading through a browser?

We have Dundas Upload installed in our Windows server. Dundas Upload is an Active Server component which enables an ASP application to accept, save and manipulate files uploaded with a browser.

Do you support CDONTS or some other type of .asp based mailers?

We use ASPEmail. CDONTS is not supported. For documentation and examples on how to use ASPEmail, please click here.

My counter uses an .exe and .dll files to work properly, but I get errors when I try to run it on my web site. Why?

.exe and .dll files require Execute permission to be set on your site. By default, all new web sites are given Script access only (appropriate in most situations such as for .asp pages, cgi, etc.) Contact Support if you require special permissions to be setup on your web site.

Do you provide pre-installed PERL scripts?

No, however there are many free scripts available here and many other sites.

What needs to be done to set up a DSN/ODBC facility for database access?

You will need to:

1. Upload via FTP your Access or other compatible database to the 'db' directory off of FTP root.

2. Send an email to support with the source name so we can set up the File DSN/ODBC source for you, or simply use a DSNless connection instead.

How can I setup a custom HTTP 404 page for my Windows hosted website?

This requires a one time setup fee of $5- per page on our Windows accounts Please Contact Support to arrange this.

I am using MS FrontPage and I wondered if I can assign/change the user/file permissions through it?

No, you cannot. You will need to contact support to request any permission changes you require.

Can I run Flash and Shockwave media on NetValue’s Windows servers?

Yes, certainly.

Can I telnet or SSH into my Windows site?

No, you cannot.