Case Studies

Our team of expert developers, designers, and strategists collaborates to transform ideas into robust web solutions, intuitive SaaS applications, and engaging mobile apps.


Fabric Genomics is a company specialising in genomic interpretation and analysis. Their platform includes tools for variant interpretation, disease gene discovery, and clinical reporting. NetValue’s software team played a crucial role in developing specific aspects of the system to align with Fabric’s business objectives. Learn more…


INFUSION Business Software

Infusion is a cloud-based accounting software platform developed in New Zealand, designed to streamline financial tasks for businesses of all sizes worldwide. Discover more about how NetValue successfully rebuilt the Infusion accounting software, transforming it into a functionally competitive cloud-based solution.



MyApiary is a software platform tailored for beekeepers and individuals involved in the management of bee colonies. This software equips beekeepers with tools and features to efficiently track and manage various aspects of their apiaries. NetValue’s software team successfully built MyApiary on the JobFlow architecture within just 6 months, delivering a fully functional system for use in the field. Learn more…