Our service portfolio covers an entire software development life cycle and meets varied business needs.

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What do you get if you cross an entrepreneur with seven PhDs in computer science? ANSWER: A brilliant software team that can drive your business up several levels. 

At NetValue, we always start with your business objectives. When those are clear, we’ll talk about software. We never get that order mixed up.

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We provide A-to-Z services that cover every imaginable need – from hosting single-page websites to running Virtual Desktop Infrastructures with thousands of simultaneous users. We think your hosting needs will fit nicely within our A-to-Z.
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If you have an e-commerce website, it should be Employee Of The Month every month. It should help you sell, order and track courier pick-ups, manage stock, do the accounts… At NetValue, we build websites that work hard for you. It isn’t about art; it’s about websites that make you money.

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Google’s studies show that more than half of all web traffic globally now comes from smartphones and tablets. Given the growing importance of mobile devices in our daily lives, businesses need to optimise their online presence for mobile users.

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In partnership with clients, NetValue has created and manages a series of subscription-based applications for specific tasks and industries. 

  • JOBFLOW the project management app for agricultural contractors

  • AUTOCLOUD the auto product-push app for car dealers

  • WORKSITE the customisable online Health & Safety induction system

  • CRM: an easier way to manage customers without blindspots

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SEO increases the visibility of your website which means that your site will be positioned at the top of search engine pages, and It’s also about making your site better and more accessible for people. Therefore, your potential clients will easily find you when looking for something you can offer.

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Here at NetValue we can assist your business in different ways. As one of New Zealands few domain registrars we can register and manage your domain name for you.

In addition, we provide an email service for your business needs.

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From brand creation to brand transformations, every business needs a good brand to stand out from the crowd. At NetValue we can help you with your design requirements. We are passionate about delivering the good stuff.

Looking for more?

When you’re looking for brochure design, business card design, and anything in between, our design team provides a wide range of print design services. We price all of our print designs on request.