QUESTION: What do you get if you cross an entrepreneur with nine PhDs in computer science? ANSWER: A brilliant software team that can drive your business up several levels. At NetValue, we always start with your business objectives. When those are clear, we’ll talk about software. We never get that order mixed up.

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In partnership with clients, NetValue has created and manages a series of subscription-based applications for specific tasks and industries. 

JOBFLOW the project management app for agricultural contractors

AUTOCLOUD the auto product-push app for car dealers

WORKSITE the customisable online Health & Safety induction system

INFUSION Complete Business & Accounting Software


If you have an e-commerce website, it should be Employee Of The Month every month. It should help you sell, order and track courier pick-ups, manage stock, do the accounts. At NetValue, we build websites that work hard for you. It isn’t about art; it’s about websites that make you money.

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We provide A-to-Z services that cover every imaginable need – from hosting single-page websites to running Virtual Desktop Infrastructures with thousands of simultaneous users. We think your hosting needs will fit nicely within our A-to-Z.