A strong philosophy centred around innovation, collaboration, and delivery is what has driven NetValue to become a market leader in digital solutions designed to help our clients do ‘Better Business’. 
NetValue provides a friendly and collaborative environment where you will be surrounded by other System Administrators and Software Developers. NetValue prides itself on looking after its people as well as delivering amazing solutions for its customers. Why should you join NetValue?
  • We greatly value good work life balance, which is why we provide flexible work arrangements, and working overtime is the exception, not the rule

  • We live a flat team structure, the directors work alongside you and are happy to have a chat any time

  • Our processes are lean and agile, you won’t have to cut through lots of red tape to get things done

  • NetValue favors projects that directly improve peoples lives. Simply put, you'll be able to work on stuff that matters, and that you'll be proud to tell your family and friends about

  • You’ll have awesome co-workers work alongside and share knowledge with you, with deep experience and expertise and quite a few PhDs in the mix

  • We will actively support your up skilling and career growth

  • We offer competitive remuneration packages

Hamilton, 2 openings

Mobile developer (Intermediate to Senior)

This is a role for a seasoned developer passionate for all things mobile, with good user experience skills. React or React Native experience preferred.

Hamilton, 1 opening

Senior IT Systems Support Engineer

This is a role for jack of all trades who’ll be supporting our internal software development teams with their development infrastructure. Experience with administration of the Atlassian suite and Windows servers preferred.

Hamilton, 1 opening

Software Developer (Junior)

This is a role for a recent ICT graduate who’s looking to start their career in either front end or backend development in the web stack.

Hamilton, 2 openings

Frontend developer (Intermediate)

This a role for a front end developer (or full stack leaning front end), with a keen eye for user interface design. Angular and typescript experience preferred.

Hamilton, 5 openings

DevOps Engineer (Intermediate to Senior)

This is a role for a seasoned DevOps engineer, ideally with a software development background. Experience with AWS and GCP preferred.

Hamilton, 1 opening

Web Developer (Intermediate)

This role involves custom web development for a range of projects and technologies. Varied work environment with a lot of interesting challenges.

Hamilton, 15 openings

Bioinformatics Developer (Intermediate to Senior)

This is a role for someone serious about any of the following: Genomics, Data Analysis, Algorithms and Machine Learning, or Data Pipelines. Experience with Python and R preferred.