A software development milestone

infusion logoDuring 2018 NetValue was engaged by Infusion Business Software to look at the opportunity to take its flagship Business Accounting Software package from a well-received, but ageing, desktop technology stack to a modern, new cloud-based software solution.

Before being awarded the job NetValue would have to provide proof of concept work that displayed our ability to deliver a product with superior performance and security to match. With that hurdle quickly passed a project team was established and working with an Agile approach development proper was able to get underway.

A project that included a large number of very complex technical requirements, the new Infusion Business Accounting software was presented to their resale partners at the annual conference mid-March, and released for public sale a few weeks later.

The result of the team’s massive efforts over the preceding year was the delivery of a feature rich accounting package with a modern design and blazingly fast performance even under the most demanding internet conditions. A large part of this success due not only to the skill of an exceptional development team, but also the fact that the hosting environment was not a bolt-on after thought, but something that was developed alongside the software to ensure 100% compatibility and maximum uptime and performance.