SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

There are many myths about SEO and plenty of people who would promise you amazing results for just a few dollars a month - we won’t.

What we will do is work with you to ensure that key factors that can effect SEO performance are analysed and where necessary corrected of improved.

When we analyse your website we focus on four core areas:

  • Content
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Accessibility

By scoring each of these areas around a range of relevant metrics we can quickly establish a baseline on which to recommend improvements, and define a plan of action.

Improvements in SEO performance are achieved over varying periods of time, this being based on how competitive the specific online marketing space is, and how much work is required to deliver a result.

To measure performance we produce a keyword analysis report that compares your SERP (search engine ranking position) with your five largest competitors before we begin any work, with this you can not only see how your site is performing but also your competitors.

Our packages are an indication of the level of engagement that could be required, however your package will be configure specifically for you, and to suit your business or organisation.

Standard SEO Packages (Monthly)

Description Includes Price
SEO Delivery - Basic Base line analysis, recommendations, action, report (3 hours) $450.00
SEO Delivery - Intermediate Base line analysis, recommendations, action, report (8 hours) $1,200.00
SEO Delivery - Advanced Base line analysis, recommendations, action, report (16 hours) $2,400.00

All SEO packages are configured to suit the individual client and also include:

  • Site Performance Monitoring
  • Monthly activity report
  • Monthly Competitor Keyword Analysis Report

All quoted prices are exclusive of GST.

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