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RimuHosting Acquires hosting operations of NetValue
Media Release: 2 October 2023
For Immediate Release
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CAMBRIDGE, NEW ZEALAND — RimuHosting is pleased to announce the acquisition of the hosting operations of NetValue for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition will see the NetValue Hosting operations, including cloud hosting, domain registration, website hosting, and email services, operated by RimuHosting under the NetValue Hosting brand. 
As NetValue pivots to focus on its software development operations, including Bioinformatics software and its Infusion business software, this deal marks the beginning of a robust partnership between two long standing Waikato Internet businesses. RimuHosting will work closely with NetValue to support several of NetValue’s hosted service platforms, ensuring continuity and seamless service for all existing clients. Two hosting specialists from NetValue will be joining the RimuHosting team to facilitate a smooth transition and make it easier for RimuHosting to support NetValue’s hosted service platforms. The collaboration between the two companies is expected to explore further joint endeavours in the future. 
RimuHosting general manager Peter Bryant said: “I am really excited about the challenge of helping a whole new set of customers - with new perspectives and hosting needs - experience hassle free hosting. 
“With Paul Quilty and James Clark joining us from NetValue, we have really bolstered the depth of our team and we are all really looking forward to the innovative technology we will be building together. This deal, and the opportunities to work closely with NetValue on other projects, helps secure our employee-owned business' success into the next decade.” NetValue chief executive Graham Gaylard said: “I am excited that NetValue will be working closely with RimuHosting in the future and extremely happy that two long standing Waikato tech companies are joining forces for the good of their clients. 
“This acquisition and partnership promise to enhance the offerings and services of both RimuHosting and NetValue, providing clients with comprehensive, seamless solutions to
meet all their hosting and web service needs.” 

About NetValue: 
NetValue is a premier provider of web design and software development headquartered in Hamilton. With a dedicated team of over 90 staff and contractors, including 14 PhDs, NetValue is committed to delivering high-quality solutions and unmatched customer service. The company also owns Real Time Genomics Ltd, a research and development company focused on providing cutting-edge DNA analysis software solutions for USA-based Life Science customers. 

About RimuHosting
RimuHosting, headquartered in Cambridge, offers a wide range of digital infrastructure services from data centers located in New Zealand, Australia, Dallas, London, and Frankfurt. The company provides virtual machines, managed email hosting, DNS, web service monitoring, a remote backup platform, and managed WordPress hosting. RimuHosting also manages large-scale colocation hosting operations for a select group of global businesses. As an employee-owned and operated business, RimuHosting is dedicated to ensuring optimal service and support for all its clients