So what are ‘Software Services’?

Our Software Services team is a highly trained group of individuals who work in groups to deliver the more complex software development solutions, these solutions often taking months, if not years to complete development. Software solutions can cover a broad range of applications, for instance currently, we have teams working on a large scale finance and accounting project, a healthcare application involving Big Data and human genomics, and some really exciting software to be used in one of our fastest-growing primary industries.


Each of these projects presents the teams with very unique challenges and to help ensure we solve each of them in a timely and efficient way, we make sure that the development environment is open and collaborative so that the resources of the full business can be called upon when required.


A high ratio of PhD developers on staff accompanied by senior personnel with many years in the industry means there are few things we haven’t seen or been exposed to in the software world, and it’s that combined knowledge that helps us develop not only great software but great software developers.

Two great examples of recent services projects are MyApiary, the award-winning Apiary Management Software package and JobFlow, a business management system developed specifically for Agricultural Contractors.

After winning four of the ten Innovations Awards available at Mystery Creek Fieldays, MyApiary has gone on to establish itself as a market leader in the Apiary software industry and currently has an annual sales growth rate of in excess of 300%. NetValue’s MyApiary team includes developers, support and testing, business analyst and team lead, all working closely with Darren Bainbridge – Managing Director of MyApiary.


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