Software Development

The first software question we’ll ask you is: “What’s the business outcome you’re looking for?”

Even though we’re a high-end software company, we think software is just a means to an end. That end is always a better business. That’s why we’ll start by asking you about your business and what you’re trying to do. 

When you’ve told us that, we’ll say, “We’re going to playback what we heard you say, what we think your business is trying to do.” Then you’ll let us know where we got it right, and where we missed things. Only then will we start discussing software. 
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There’s a reason we have seven PhD computer engineers in our software development team

The projects we’re called on to complete are often complex. Reimagining business-critical applications, recoding (or inventing) the system architecture and the frontend UI, integrating new software to ‘play nicely’ with the legacy code so the whole system remains functional. Often, we have to do all this while existing customers continue to use the software.
It’s like rebuilding an entire bus while it’s moving, with passengers onboard.
Perhaps the best way to assess our skill is to read the Case Studies. In each story, you’ll see how we make businesses better with software. 

Case Study

INFUSION Business Software

Case Study


Case Study