If you have an e-commerce website, It’s like the most important staff member you can employ. It greets customers at the e-door, shows them round your e-shop and directs them to products they’re interested in. Then, if the customer buys, it handles the checkout and processes the transaction. Finished.

If your e-commerce website was an honest hard worker, it would also do these things for you:
  • When a sale was complete, it would automatically notify the courier for pick-up.

  • It would tell you when the pick-up was done and notify the customer about their delivery.

  • It would help you with your accounting by automatically pushing purchases into Xero for you. It would do your accounts.

  • It would put “feature products” at the front of the shop for everyone to see.

  • It would play helpful videos

  • It would recognise special customers and allow them into restricted areas of the store.

  • It would handle gift cards and vouchers, and promote the products that were on special.

  • It will go out onto the street and find the right customers for your shop.

  • If you want to grow the business, it’ll enlarge the store and effortlessly add the new features you’ll need.

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Makes you money and saves you time. 

An honest, hard-working e-commerce website will do this for you… We’d like to build you that website.

Sounds complicated, but it’s not

At NetValue, we’ve figured out the most bang-for-buck way to give an excellent e-store. It’s the Garage Mechanic approach. A good mechanic can build his own car, but he doesn’t reinvent anything. He starts with an existing chassis of choice, then adds the best components to build his vehicle. Though he invents nothing, the mechanic can build a bespoke car for his unique purposes. 

That’s how we’ll build your e-commerce website. 

We start with a WordPress chassis. 
Word Press is by far the largest website-building platform in the world. 40% of all websites are created on it. It has the most features, the best support, the best security, and the most up-to-date unbreakable coding. That’s why it’s our chassis of choice. 
Once we’ve shaped your website’s base, our designers will then add the features you’ll need. We know where to find the best of every app plugin. We also know how to integrate the pieces of plugin software code so that everything ‘plays nicely’ with everything else. 
That’s a critical skill.


“Maintenance” looks like when the mechanic says I had to tighten the cambelt. Most of us don’t know what a cambelt is, let alone if ours is loose.
Online Maintenance explained. Your e-commerce website is made up of software code. The people who made the software are continually working to improve them, to make their apps better. When they make a change, they offer users an ‘upgrade’. That might include new features, an improvement to the existing set, or that bugs and vulnerabilities in the previous version have been removed. 
You want to stay on top of this. Upgrades mean improvements. 
We're passionate about our work, and it shows. 
NetValue will make sure every code upgrade to your website is done by testing it on our machines before press the LIVE INSTALL button. Cause here’s a cyber reality most people miss; lines of codes can break, especially when they interact with other codes. When conflicts occur, systems fail and websites lose a degree of function. Not good when every minute is a transaction.

If you let NetValue take care of it, you’ll always have the latest core and plugin versions, and your website will always work optimally. 
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Search Engine Optimisation?
We can get your website in front of the correct eyeballs by ensuring your site has all the correct ingredients for success.

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