We provide A-to-Z services that cover every imaginable need – from hosting single-page websites to running Virtual Desktop Infrastructures with thousands of simultaneous users. 

NetValue makes website hosting easy. We have a world-class hosting platform and provide great personal service, with maximum uptime—which means your website will be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

We also have Virtual Private Server hosting available for those with more diverse needs and can create custom support plans to meet your requirements. Get the latest and fastest servers with no capital outlay and no worries about hardware reliability. Scale up or down as required.

Hosted solutions are ideal for multi-office access or a mobile workforce where up to date shared information is a must, custom security requirements, or have something that does not suit a Cloud solution. Want a flexible test and development environment? Ideal for web and software developers. We have the solution.

A dedicated server is a server that we purchase, own and lease to you. It provides what is essentially your own physical server and services for a fixed monthly cost, saving you the capital outlay.

Typically we provide the server hardware, service, support, co-location (the space for the dedicated server to go into), and bandwidth (data transfer or traffic). There is a range of options that we are able to supply, and it is often a case of discussing those options with us and coming up with a solution that meets your needs and is good value for money. The server can be provided fully functioning and configured for your needs.

 We use only server-grade hardware and take care of replacement parts and upgrades, which makes it easy for you to budget. We can provide fully managed solutions as well.

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